sábado, 31 de outubro de 2009

halloween and some other stuff...

Today is Halloween yeay!!!! trick or treat? hehe in a while i have to start preparing everything since i'm having a party in my apartment but right now i just want to relax :)
I guess it will be fun, the party, 3 americans, 7 romanians, 1 spanish and this portuguese alien, lets see hat happens lol

Changing the subject... yesterday i realized that i'm beeing a little selfish, i can't think that i'm the only one who as problems, who as questions, who feels bad... others feel that way too and i should support more like i get support... i will, i want to, its a promise! Afterall life is about giving and getting :)

This alien as to get out of bed now! so c u soon on a next post... maybe tomorrow to tell about the party :)

over and out

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