quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

its over

Hey hey!

After 9 months the life of this alien in gl is over!!
It was a time full of good moments and some bad as well but that is not important now!!

I spent one week travelling before i returned to Portugal.
I was in Iasi, Timisoara, Budapest and Milan. At the moment i still haven't return to my hometown... I'm in bragança for this week having a good time. in the first day i arrived i went out with some erasmus that are here! crazy guys!!!

well this blog is over!! soon i will open a new one

Over and out

terça-feira, 29 de junho de 2010

last day!

And after 9 months today is the end of the passage of this alien in Galati!
So many memories... so many feelings... so many...

I'm not going to write a big testament here for my goodbye! Just a big thanks to everyone who supported me here during this months.... and c ya soon!!

Today I go to Iasi... Wednesday to Timisoara and on Friday Budapest!!!

This alien is over and out!!!!

terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010

i will....

Portuguese alien speaking...

I will miss u so much!
I will miss u so much
I will miss u so much!
I will miss u so much!

and i could go on and on!!!

5 days left in GL and 9 days in Romania :) :(

such a mix of feelings :S

over and out

domingo, 30 de maio de 2010

Last month

The countdowns has started... in about one month its time to return home...
Right now I dunno what i am feeling or even what I will feel... 8 months in Romania had its effect on me...
It's incredible how can a person change so much and at the same time dont change at all... i know it's a contraditorry statement but its how I feel :P
It was a life time experience... that's for sure... and I hope it just started... for the summer i hope i manage to go along europe to meet with the ppl i met here and I expect them in Portugal as well... France and SPain are among the places where I will try to go in the summer and later in the year... Denmark...

Ok over and out

segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

Another day in gl now pretty busy with projects and exams... Still always some time to go out for a drink :) and all this is almost over... people are starting to leave and some time soon it will be my turn... so i have to enjoy every moment. there are still some places i want to go and so many things i want to do.
One of the best experiences ever so far... and im already thinking about the next one :D eventhough it will be only possible after i finish my license in Portugal. Anyway for the summer i hope i'll be able to travel a bit.
And now back to work...

Obladi oblada life goes on bra... :)

Over and out

terça-feira, 4 de maio de 2010

Vama Veche!

This weekend I went to Vama :) one of the best experiences i had here in Romania for sure!!!
Vama is something different... you dont feel like u r in Romania... it's like a neutral place where everything is allowed and you can really be yourself or much more :D
I cant even find my words to describe my weekend...
One thing is for sure... in summer I will try to return and next year for the 1st of May again... I hope i can make it a ritual like everyone does it around here :)
I leave some pictures to give an idea of what is Vama :)

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010


7 months in Romania and just fine :) around 2 and a half to go... I will miss this :) :(

over and out

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010


so... here i find myself between listening reggae or working on some of my new tunes... here i am one more day in galati...
not one of my best times here but i guess life isnt always great...
I try to live each day as it was the last... i try to live it as life is great but sometimes it is not but oh well :)
I would like to understand how some people work... one day they are here for you and some other they are not... for me its hard to understand as i try to be always there even if i cant but not everyone is the same and so i have to respect that and go on with my life.
This alien miss his planet so much... this alien sometimes just dont fit in this environment...

to all who likes me a big up
to all who doesnt i just say... have a good life

over and out

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

LAst weeks 2

and more...

LAst weeks 1

There is so much that I want to write here but I just can't find my words... so... I'll just post some pictures from the last weeks :)

domingo, 28 de março de 2010

6 months!!!!!!

So.... here I am! 6 months after!!!!
LAst weekend I went to Iasi... What to say... great city... plenty of places to spend money :P and so so so so different from Galati.
I loved it! On saturday I went to Ciric a forest near by Iasi. Nice place :) I hope i return there soon eventhough the train trip takes like forever :P
I got to meet a friend of Dana... Anda... great girl :) funny and knows how to have fun... she was a good tour guide in Iasi.
last wednesday was Dana's birthday and folk night and at the middle of the night i realized it was exactly 6 monts since i was in Romania... so i got really drunk heheheheheheheh

Anyway... Im starting to realize some things here that are blowing my mind and that makes me sad... i hate that sometimes i just cant be myself here... and that is sad... but i'll survive.
Whats important is that i am having great times here :)

over and out

P.s: this posts are becoming lame but i guess the main ideas are being passed :P

quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

Depois da tempestade vem a bonança! :)

5 months and 1/2 in Romania. The weather... snow again and cold cold cold lol
The state of mind... HAPPY! :D
I'm having the time of my life :) i managed to make good friends here and every go out its a blast :) Its so funny to see other people looking at us with that thought on their minds... "This people are crazy"
Last night was the B-Day of one of the French guys, Martin, and with no surprise we got all drunk hehehehe. One more nice folk night! I dont get tired of those songs and if it was already nice only with Dana, now with the Clem, Martin and Javi its even better and in this last one with the French friends even more funny and crazy! We had a fireman in Paris who also is a magician, a Politic sciences student who looks like a maniac hehehe, Lili, Martin's girlfriend, who also is a nice girl and crazy as hell :) i laughed a lot with her and all the others that i cant even remember their names lol

Hope more nights like this happens :) thats what makes me feel alive :D

NExt adventure... Iasi ;)

over and out

domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Friends, not friends....

I really miss my country... I miss my friends... I miss being welcome... I miss, I miss, I miss...
I've been here for 5 months now and its sad for me to see some stuff... I know its used to say that is better to have a few friends but good than lots and but bad(something like that) but seeing that some people just dont have interest on it it makes me sad. In the other day i went out to a club and i met some collegues from faculty and eventhough they said "hi" i felt outside, the only person from that group who actually cared about being my friend and made the others speak with me and hang out with me went to France for Erasmus so the link is broken... this is one small example of several...
Well I have what i like to call True friends around here but i would also to have friends and that seems to be impossible... Is it me? Maybe, I dunno... Eventhough everywhere i've been until today I always made several friends but I had to come to Romania to see that changing...

Over and out!

quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010

doubts, denials, and good marks

Here i am again!
I never thought to feel this cold... everytime i go outside i freeze and yesterday i slipped and fell on the ice twice :P
Anyway... Lately i've been thinking... whats love afterall? Is it just the need to be with a certain person, is it the need to feel that someone cares? As i get older i seem to know less about the subject. Right now I dont know anymore what are my feelings... There's someone who really make me feel different just if i hear her name. But, in the last few days i guess i started to go on denial and I'm guess I'm trying to convince myself that I dont want to have something with her... oh the doubts, the denial... life seems to be so simple but i always find a way to make it complicated...
Oh well... maybe its just because i'm focusing too much on my exams... after all 'til now i only have in my mind that and the reward is that i only have good marks :) but like my parents would say... its my job :P

Oh well... thats all for now.

Over and out

quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

4 months

Yes its true... this alien is still alive :)

What can I say... Today i realized it has been 4 months since this adventure started! Some bad moments but several good ones :)
In the last days i've been thinking I will miss some people a lot when I leave... I just hope i dont loose their contact in the future... I think I made some friends around that will stay in my heart forever.
In what concerns to the so called love matters I still have one person in my mind and heart, eventhough it didnt go the way i expected... oh well thats life... lost a lover but gained a great friend :) (u know who u r and u know u'll always stay in my heart)
But, what can i say about people who really marked me? I met a girl who dreams about getting her own apartment and take pictures all day and write... a dreamer like me :) I just hope she achieves all that. A portuguese guy that in a way takes life more or less like i do, more recently i got to know better a german girl which really surprised me, if i think i didnt like her that much. A japanese girl who seems to be much more than i thought. Of course Julian, my flat mate who since the beginning has been one of the most supportive people i had around. More recently another girl, romanian, who is pretty much like me in several ways... we share the same love about music, life, etc. etc. etc. :)
At the moment i'm on evaluations at faculty, so far 4 out of 9 are already done :) two 10's, a 9 and an 8 :)

While i'm here already achieved something i've been wanting for a long time... some recognition about my production wise... Got 2 songs in a show on Portuguese national radio :)

Well... I could stay here forever and ever talking about so much that goes on my mind right now but for the moment i just keep it to myself :)

Over and out