terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

the weekend

This weekend i got to meet some more people from couchsurfing wich are living in Galati.
On saturday night me and Julian went to meet Roxana in Tiglina and then we went to hAzard to meet Traian and Dana wich were hosting David, a guy from france that is doing a roadtrip in the southern europe. We stayed there for a while drinking, talking bla bla bla :P then Roxana had to go home so i took her home and then i went to my apartment o meet the others to have dinner. We had a great time there :)
On sunday me and Julian meet Traian, Dana and David to go on the Danube. Traian asked his dad to cross the river on his boat :) it was fun :)
After all that fun i went to meet Roxana so we could go to the Galati couchsurfing meeting. I meet there some nice people the only problem was i didnt eat that much and with the beer and the wine i started to feel dizzy... so i ended up going home early lol
that's me :P

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