quinta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2009

alone inside!

Today is sunny day, a bit cold but its alright... winter is coming so its ok...
But i feel already like in winter inside... In the last days i feel some emptyness, i'm sad... I feel like i'm missing something, i feel like i'm loosing a friendship. Yesterday i had a very bad day. I had to wake up really early to try to find my teacher at the faculty and i didnt... and everytime i go to see the erasmus coordinator he says something different... damn to the burocracy, damn to the people who seem to dont want to do anything at all.
For all that i was really pissed but i think there is something else... In the evening i went with Julian to meet some people at this party that we end up not going... instead we went to Retro to drink a beer. It was ok, they are nice, they try to cheer me up but i was having that feeling when ur surounded by many but u feel alone... I've been in GalATi for almost a month and its the first time that i feel this way. I hope i get better soon and i will!! I have to! This Portuguese alien came here to change afterall!!

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