quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2009

one month!

So it has been one month! One month since I came to Romania!
Eventhough i had some bad moments (specially on my mind :S) i only have great things to remember.
I met this amazing girl, beautifull as well ;) lol, who become my best friend around here... i can't really imagine my life without her, i dont want to... Its good to have you around Roxana :)
I also changed from the university dorms to an apartment with a spanhish guy called Julian, a great friend since the day we met too.
Can't Forget also Traian and Dana from Couchsurfing(CS), amazing people! good friends!
David from France who i meet on a CS meeting too. And so many other characters that i've been meeting around :)
Oh cant forget about Cynthia, a friend of Roxana, doing volunteer work near Galati, Great person too.
I miss a lot my family and friends back in Portugal but with all this technology around i get to talk to them a lot :)

It feels good to be here! Can't wait until I go to Portugal obviously but I really think that when i get there I will miss Galati...

One month and counting...

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