domingo, 28 de março de 2010

6 months!!!!!!

So.... here I am! 6 months after!!!!
LAst weekend I went to Iasi... What to say... great city... plenty of places to spend money :P and so so so so different from Galati.
I loved it! On saturday I went to Ciric a forest near by Iasi. Nice place :) I hope i return there soon eventhough the train trip takes like forever :P
I got to meet a friend of Dana... Anda... great girl :) funny and knows how to have fun... she was a good tour guide in Iasi.
last wednesday was Dana's birthday and folk night and at the middle of the night i realized it was exactly 6 monts since i was in Romania... so i got really drunk heheheheheheheh

Anyway... Im starting to realize some things here that are blowing my mind and that makes me sad... i hate that sometimes i just cant be myself here... and that is sad... but i'll survive.
Whats important is that i am having great times here :)

over and out

P.s: this posts are becoming lame but i guess the main ideas are being passed :P

quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

Depois da tempestade vem a bonança! :)

5 months and 1/2 in Romania. The weather... snow again and cold cold cold lol
The state of mind... HAPPY! :D
I'm having the time of my life :) i managed to make good friends here and every go out its a blast :) Its so funny to see other people looking at us with that thought on their minds... "This people are crazy"
Last night was the B-Day of one of the French guys, Martin, and with no surprise we got all drunk hehehehe. One more nice folk night! I dont get tired of those songs and if it was already nice only with Dana, now with the Clem, Martin and Javi its even better and in this last one with the French friends even more funny and crazy! We had a fireman in Paris who also is a magician, a Politic sciences student who looks like a maniac hehehe, Lili, Martin's girlfriend, who also is a nice girl and crazy as hell :) i laughed a lot with her and all the others that i cant even remember their names lol

Hope more nights like this happens :) thats what makes me feel alive :D

NExt adventure... Iasi ;)

over and out