segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2009


Yesterday It was moving day :)
I woke up around 10 am very excited even knowing that we were only gonna move tou our new apartment on the afternoon lol
anyway i went online on msn and there was Roxana, she was at work and complaining she was hungry so i thought it would be nice to go meet her and buy her something to eat ;)
I've only been with her like 10 minutes because that was how much she could stay out of work.
So... I went back to the dormitory to meet Julian and go have our lunch.
We went to Corso... there we met our portuguese friends and we ended it up staying there for almost 2 hours... eating, talking :D.
Anyway... at 4 Roxana met us at the dormitory to help us move, the rest is bla bla bla lol we moved... after checking everything in the apartment we went to Real to buy some stuff for the house that we were going to need... like pillows, ashtrey, glasses, cups, etc etc. etc.
It was a very nice day :) i think... everyday here i have a new surprise :D

At night me and Julian went to the restaurant with his friend Violeta and her sister because it was Violeta's birthday... then we went to ca jou to meet our portuguese friends and we went to the S Club... I have to say i didnt have the best time because its not my kind of place... but oh well... we have to do some efforts for our friends... we cant always be whatever we want... that's just life...

well... i'm done with the updating now :)

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