quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

4 months

Yes its true... this alien is still alive :)

What can I say... Today i realized it has been 4 months since this adventure started! Some bad moments but several good ones :)
In the last days i've been thinking I will miss some people a lot when I leave... I just hope i dont loose their contact in the future... I think I made some friends around that will stay in my heart forever.
In what concerns to the so called love matters I still have one person in my mind and heart, eventhough it didnt go the way i expected... oh well thats life... lost a lover but gained a great friend :) (u know who u r and u know u'll always stay in my heart)
But, what can i say about people who really marked me? I met a girl who dreams about getting her own apartment and take pictures all day and write... a dreamer like me :) I just hope she achieves all that. A portuguese guy that in a way takes life more or less like i do, more recently i got to know better a german girl which really surprised me, if i think i didnt like her that much. A japanese girl who seems to be much more than i thought. Of course Julian, my flat mate who since the beginning has been one of the most supportive people i had around. More recently another girl, romanian, who is pretty much like me in several ways... we share the same love about music, life, etc. etc. etc. :)
At the moment i'm on evaluations at faculty, so far 4 out of 9 are already done :) two 10's, a 9 and an 8 :)

While i'm here already achieved something i've been wanting for a long time... some recognition about my production wise... Got 2 songs in a show on Portuguese national radio :)

Well... I could stay here forever and ever talking about so much that goes on my mind right now but for the moment i just keep it to myself :)

Over and out