quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

what a great day!

So... today i had a very nice day :)
I woke up very early as i had to go meet Roxana so she could help me buy a Romanian sim card.
We met at 9 in her neighbourhood and we went o buy it.
Afterwards we meet some friends of her... first Cristi and Elena came and then Ionut. They were going to Gradina Botanica to hang around there for the all morning and they asked me if i wanted to go and so i did :)
They took some wine and some food and we spent the all morning hanging around in this beautifull garden drinking, eating, talking, etc etc etc. :) Cristin and Elena are very into wild and nature stuff. They got a couple sticks and we're cutting and shaping them to make spoons of it :) elena was also doing a sweater.
Crazy and very nice dudes! Always joking with each other, i felt like i was with my group of friends back in Portugal. Always teasing, always teaching something. I learned a lot about things that u can eat in nature to make the long story short i learned a lot :P
We also spent part of the time waiting for a couple, Ionut(another one) and Flori, who taked a long time to get there, after almost two hours waiting for them we had some food. We also played Tekken on Cristi's PSP :) it was very well spent time i tell u :D
At 1 p.m. Roxana, went away because she had to go to work and Ionut had to do something at the faculty. Ionut came back like 5 minutes later because he was missing some stuff that i dont recall so he decided to hang around with us.
After cleaning everything Cristi, Elena, Ionut, Ionut and Flori took me to the Aquarium and to see the Japanese Garden. They were very good hosts :) always explaining me about everything we were seeing and by making me feel confortable :)
They were asking all about me, why i was here, we discussed about Romanian Language, about the spanish, about the english... we were always discussing something it felt nice :)
We hanged around until 4 p.m. i guess and then they took me to the station so i could get a maxi-taxi and it was bye bye for all.
I must say that after a while of beeing with them i was also teasing them as i felt like part of the group. A very good sensation. I also felt very important as i had 7 romanian speaking english among eachother so i wouldnt feel apart :)
I really hope i can get plenty of moments like this while i stay here.

Thank you Roxana for making all this possible :) ur an angel!

terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

things to remind...

Today i'll have a different post :P

I should write this a thousand times so i won't forget!

Never but really never ask something in the restaurant without being sure that u know what has on it! Today I asked this dish that seemed delicious... it turns out that i hate it like hell!!!!!

so... another day came to an end ;)

This alien will return tomorrow...

segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2009


Today i woke up at 7:00 am to go in one new adventure!
After awaking several times (the first time at 3:30 thinking that i was late :P)
At 7:30 my friend called me thinking that i would be sleeping but since i am so god damn good i was already up lol
So i took the maxi to tiglina to meet her and after a while waiting (i always have to wait for her :P)
she finally showed up and we went to buy some chips and juice for her friend Cynthia who we were meeting at Mastacani.
After two maxi and having the most amazing sightseeing :) we finally arrive to Mastacani.
We went to Cynthia's place to have some coffee, as we we're like zombie's :S and we had taco's.
So we finally went to this 2 schools to give diploma's to some students who participated in "Cursa extraordinara" Amazing Races for kids who was organized by Cynthia and Roxana with the help of "Inima e copil"
I must say i had the greatest time there :) Cynthia is this amazing friendly girl from the U.S. doing some volunteer work for Peace Corps.
It was a very nice walk until we got to the school :) I'm used to be in nature as I in Portugal live in the countryside so i felt like home :)
in the middle of the way we hitchhiked a carriage :) it was fun.
So... after some very good time spent at Mastacani we finally got back to Galati because Roxana had to go to work at 2 p.m.
I can't wait to go back there and i really want to go to other places around. It makes me feel so good... so close to the world and at the same time so farway :)
I took some pictures that i will post later.

when i got back to Galati i called Dan Scarpette to arrange a meeting to take care of my Erasmus situation.

That's it for today :) a very nice day btw :)

domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009

An alien "hosted" by a human

It's been almost a week since i've land on Galati. I have to say that the days before i came were like hell to me! I already travelled abroad and most of the times alone but this time its a bit different! I always knew what to be expecting from the places i went but this time i came really far from home to this country that i knew almost nothing about, i dont speak the language... Oh well... after months listening to a friend of mine saying that i really should sign up to Couchsurfing because its a way to get to know people from around the world and a way to have a "friend" waiting for you in ur destination. So i finally signed up and made post at the Galati group saying that i was coming here. after a few days i got some replys and among them there was this girl giving me her msn adress and saying that she could help me get here and show me the city. I added her and he started talking... Afterwards we got to "meet" via skype.
So i ended up coming to Galati without her phone number. so in the day i was coming here i had my friend going online with my msn account to try to reach her and let her know i was arriving but it was impossible.
Whatever... I have to say i was a bit worried about meeting this girl that afterall i didnt knew. Anyway in the other day i went online and got to talk to her online and we arranged a meeting. She met me next to the faculty dormitory. I couldnt believe myself when i found myself beeing teased by her like my long time friends do :) all my fears vanished in that instant. We went to have a pizza and then she took me sightseeing. Honestly i thought... ok this is part of Couchsurfing means... she's beeing friendly and doing her "job". But then the next day she convinced me to go in adventure and meet her neighbourhood. And then the next day she made me go with her to where she works and when i realised myself we are the best friends in the world! :) I never thought that i would find here someone like me. We have the same interests, the same tastes, we both like South Park :) Its like looking to a personality mirror :)
I really have to say that sometimes i really hate that she can read me so well :P and yet it feels so good. Its almost like being home :)
So... i guess all I have to say is that i'm really glad that I came to Galati and "won" this new beautifull (inside and outside) friend!

I hope i didnt disappointed you in some way but if i did just know its not that i mean it


my day!

So... my day was pretty quiet. I spent part of the afternoon speaking to Roxana on msn until 9:30 pm, as she was at work.
We talked a lot about things that is to stay only between me and her :P u curious bastards!!! lol
Anyway... she asked me if i would meet her next to her job to walk her home and so i did.
What happened after that i really dont know what to think about...
We know each other personally for a week now and everyday we seem to get closer. We dont seem to have any problems holding each other's hand and hug. I'm really afraid of mess everything and loose a great friendship and yet i'm also afraid to pass by something greater. I guess only time will tell. I believe that this kind of things shouldnt be rushed and yet i really dunno if there is something to be rushed :S aahhh the curse of beeing me. Oh someone please slap and tell me to awake for life!!!

uffff.... that's pretty much it
I feel a little better now that i wrote it and i wish i feel a lot better once i hit the button to post it...
So... 3,2,1

sábado, 26 de setembro de 2009

change my life!

Today i remembered what was one of the main reasons that made me come to Romania... change my life... change the way i act in my life...
And I realised that thanks to my good friend Roxana :)
I've also had problems about talking about relationships and that kind of stuff... i'm always "what if..." and has i was playing this game "tell me one thing and i will say if ur bullshitting me" with my friend she kinda tricked me sayin she wants to be with me. I was all "ur bullshitting me" and she really made me think she was beeing totally honest (still thinking about it ;) ) i got worried sick! Not because i'm in love with her but just because i find it very hard to deal with this kind of subject.
We ended it laughing and we're ok but it made me think that i really have to stop beeing like i am, in this kind of situation.
I really dont know what to say lol.
It is beeing great my life here... specially because of you (yes you :P )
I really love you! mostly because i know i will not be misunderstood for saying this

That's it for know.
Tomorrow another day will come and hopefully an even greater day.

Carpe diem ;)

sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009


So... lol i got this habit to say so on the beggining of phrases... i wonder who i learned it from hehe

Anyway, like i wrote on my last post i took a maxi-taxi to meet Roxana at her neighbourhood.
When i got there i called her to let know i was already there and she came and meet me next to a restaurant called El Toro. She asked if i had any preference in what kind of bar we should go, a rock bar or whatever... we went to this very nice bar that i really dont know the name (i could as her the name since she's online now but i really dont want to lololol) and we talked and talked and talked... god she never shut's up (joking)... anyway, we talked about me beeing here in erasmus, she told me she was supposed to go to Portugal this year to do erasmus but she couldnt make it and about she wants to go to helsinki. We discussed about racism and how stupid it is to judge people for their race or beliefe's. Since we were n this metal bar i asked her if she knew about a portuguese metal band called Moonspell and she did and asked to the guy to put my favourite song from them... Alma Mater. I explained her then that the song is about the dictatorship we had in Portugal and the colonies in Africa.
Afterwards we went for a walk and she invited me to have a donut (wish i payed btw because i'm a real gentleman :D ) we sitted and talked a little bit more until it was time to get home.

Well i guess thats it for now...


P.S: its the first time in my life I write about what happens in my life and it really makes me feel good :)

quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009


So... another post, another story of this alien that landed in Galati :)
Yesterday after a all day doing absolutely nothing i've decided to follow Roxana's challenge of an "adventure"... go and meet her near where she lives! oh my god!!! :P
She told me that it would be very easy, and it was. The only thing that i had to do was to take an amazing public transportation called Maxi-Taxi. For those, like me, who dont know what that is just imagine something between a taxi and a bus. Basically its a van with 12 seats i guess with regular lines, you just get in, pay the driver 1 Lei and there you go.
But back to the story, i have this problem with the language and i had to go to this place called Tiglina 1 and i didnt know where the hell was it so i would have to ask the driver to let me know when we got there. Solution: i asked my friend Roxana how should i say to the driver in romanian that and i wrote down in a paper the following:
As vrea sa ma anuntati cand ajungem in Tiglina 1 pentru ca eu nu cunosc orasul Galati. Muctumesc.
Basically it says please let me know when we get to tiglinia because i don't know Galati that well. Thank you.
The funny part was when iwas going on the street i saw this maxi-taxi saying Tiglina 1 and i made him stop and sticked the piece of paper to the window like a maniac so the drivel could read it.
He was very kind and he took me there :)

Thats all for now... in the next post i will let you know how was it in Tiglina


P.S. here is a video i found so you can get an idea how is to ride in a maxi taxi

quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2009

First impressions

So... this will be my journals while i stay in Galati, Romania.
After a hell of a trip from Portugal to Romania, almost 24 hours in the bus, plane, taxi, beeing "robbed" by a gipsy in Bucareste, i finally got to my new town... Galati!
I never though i would be capable of a journey like this, but yet i'm a bit crazy and i'm portuguese, adventure and travelling its in my blood :)
Im a so insane tht I came to Galati with no confirmation that i would have a place to stay, i had no one's phone number... nothing... Only half an hour before arriving i got to talk to the Erasmus Responsable and he managed to get me a room :)
I was so tired that i only "skyped" my parents to say i was ok and I went to sleep.
The Next Day when i woke up i got to talk with my CS Friend Roxana and we arranged a meeting.
Let me say she was the first good thing that happened to me here :) I guess i never met someone as helpfull as she. We went to this pizza place to have something to eat and have a coffee and it was like we were friends for ages. Afterwards she took me to do some sightseeing around the city. We went to this Ortodox Cathedral that made me feel so small... It was one of the most beautifull constructions i've ever seen. We went also to this park called Gradina Publica. Here happened the most amazing thing, this old lady came to us and started talking in romanian to us, i wasn't understanding anything she was saying and i was seeing Roxana laughting as hell and turning red. She told she was saying that we we're robbing each other heart, because people with brown eyes take away the heart or something like that, and she started asking me if i was in love with Roxana and if i wanted to marry her... it was funny :)
Then we went to see the Train station and a lake called Brates. While we were walking i was learning some words in Romanian :)
After a very well spent afternoon she took the maxi-taxi(i will talk about this amazing public transportation in another post) and i got back to the faculty's dormitory.
And this was my first day in Galati :) sponsored by Roxana Postolache lolololololol