quarta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2009

Alien again

Wow... this 2 weeks in Portugal passed so fast :S
I didnt manage to see half the ppl i wanted and with the one's i have been i had always to go here and there because it seems that some things never change... but at the same time lots of things changed... People i was expecting to be very happy to see me again acted almost like they didnt care and some people that i wasnt expecting actually missed me... its sad seeing that my group of friends is splitting :( at least there is a core that stick together.
Anyway... Now I'm an Alien again... On the flight back i met a portuguese guy that is also Erasmus in Romania, in Iasi, and i found out that there are about 20 portuguese students there.
We arrived in Bucaresti at 7 am and since that portuguese guy only had a train at 12 i decided to stay with him because apparently there was a train to Galati at 12:30. Great thing! when we went to buy the tickets i found that i only had one at 2 pm... anyway, on the train i met this lady, over 35 i guess, that started to chat with me... in Romanian... it was kind of funny, at the beggining i understood what she was saying but after a while it started to be very hard, i was so tired, not to mention the fact that i suck at romanian lol... at a certain point i thinked about telling her that i wasnt romanian but i guess she figured it that out because she corrected me at a certain point.
Oh well... Now i'm back in Galati. I had a nice welcome back... I have to admit that i missed this :)
Soon i'll post pictures from my holidays in Portugal.

Over and out

terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009

I'm finally in Portugal! Not at home yet though :P
I had the most crazy trip ever!
We left on Saturday at 4:30 from Galati to go to Constanta with a huge hangover lol.
After 4 hours in a bus we arrived there and guess what... it was snowing!
There I called to a guy from Couchsurfing but he thought that we would only arrive onthe next day so we was already busy with something but he called a friend to show us around.
Nice guy... he showed us everything in Constanta, we went to the beach while snowing! That will stay in my mind forever! after we had something to eat we went to a mall to play billiard and there we met another couple from CS. afterwards we went for a beer to a bar and my first contact from CS met us there.
At 3:30 since they didnt had couch available we started walking to the train station so we could wait until the morning somewhere warm. At 6 am we took a bus that was supposed to take us to the place where we would get the bus to the airport but when we got there we discovered that it wasnt there so we were on the streets freezing trying to find out where the hell we should take the bus... no one either could tell us where it was or they just didnt want to tell us... anyway after 2 hours trying to find out we finally managed to get to the bus. We arrived to the airport around 8 so we had to wait a while to board.
We had an amazing trip to italy... we were so sleepy, so tired but somehow we were always joking in the plane maybe just to stay awake. We met two girls there that had just met in the airport and we had a nice chat with them.
In Italy another world! no snow, warm! Fucking nice! heheheheh pity we only could stay there for one hour because we had to take the plane to Germany.
In the flight to Germany we just blacked out lol we were already up for several hours!!! I only woke up to see the Swiss Alpes and that was it lol
When we arrived there we were supposed to go meet a girl in Frankfurt but when we saw a very cheap hotel near the airport we decided to go to the hotel instead so we could have a nice warm bath and nice bead to sleep.
In the next day we took the flight to Portugal.
And now here I am :) When I arrived i went to meet a friend of mine that does Graffiti and i stayed with him, a friend of his and an Hungarian guy all the afternoon in a town near to Porto and at night i finally came to my friends house to dj for a while and after to have some dinner...
I'm not at my hometown yet but already feels good to be here :) my own country!
In two weeks i will get back to Galati to be an alien again!

This alien it wont be for a while :)

Over and out

terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009

Mastacani Traditional Food Presentation

A few weeks ago I went to a little village to make a presentation about Portuguese traditional food. It was a very nice experience, even if most of the children dont pay atention at all to the presentation at all its all worth it when in the end they come to you and want to know everything about where i come from, what do i do, if i'm married and have children lol. I was told by Cynthia that they're not used to have people about my age with a certain level of studies and so its good for them if we go there once in a while. They enjoy it and i enjoy it as well :) it makes me feel usefull and alive :)
I can't of course forget about Roxana and Andrei who helped me with the preparation of the presentation and with the cooking of 99 cups of puddin rice. Without them i couldnt make it so THANK YOU!

OVer and out