quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

what i learned so far

Yesterday I found myself thinking about the post Roxana made about me, specially in the last part when she said that I can be living my life in a bubble. I’ve always rely on other people to “survive”, I was never capable of doing anything without a little push from someone, somehow i always was afraid of the consequences. In the other hand i always encouraged people to follow their dreams, to don’t be afraid of the consequences...
This way of living made me become “unplugged” with the real world, it made me rely on other people so much!!! Yes it’s ok to rely on other people sometimes, I’m not “mister knows and can do everything”, but sometimes... most of the times... you have to know how to manage yourself.
I had to come this far from home to realize that! I found myself living on my own, ok my parents support me somehow but its only until i receive my scholarship, but even now i already had to start learning to survive on my own. It’s not like i take a bus and go cry to my mummys lap if anything go wrong. I just have to manage myself. I know that I can rely on Roxana for some stuff but she can’t always be there for me... There are no enough words in the world to say how much i’m thankfull to her! She knows it, and with simplicity i say: Thank you!
And now a more direct and personal message... I’m glad you finally realized that its Great to help other people but that you have to take care of yourself as well, I already told you that!! I like you the way you are, someday i’m going to put your name on the dictionary :P so please continue being you, always with good updates :D or else I’ll kick your ass!!! Ok i won’t... probably you will be the one kicking my ass but oh well... a man can dream from time to time :)

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