domingo, 1 de novembro de 2009

Halloween Party review lol

So... yesterday we had a Halloween party here at home! It was pretty fun :) lots of people, music, candy, chips and lots of alcohol (specially for me :S)
For me at a certain time was a bit complicated because i started to think about my life, about what i want... whatever... yesterday i didnt get any conclusion but today i think i finally got one... I cant really make things happen in a instance, i have to be thankfull for what i have and for what i get and just let life take its own way and if anything at all its meant to be it will happen sooner or later! I have my goals and i'm not going on the right direction! i have to leave my bubble... i will leave it and maybe next year i will be wearing it as a halloween costume :)

Anyway in the end it was a good halloween party

I really have to start writing here interesting stuff... there is so much to meet and since now i already got everything going on its way on the faculty i just hope i receive my erasmus scholarship this week like its supposed to be and find sometime to discover this beautifull country :D

this alien today as to get some rest... halloween its hard :P

P.S: Note for myself: I was supposed to be Harry Potter in the party and i shouldnt perform the "making disappear alcohol" trick so often

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