sábado, 31 de outubro de 2009

halloween and some other stuff...

Today is Halloween yeay!!!! trick or treat? hehe in a while i have to start preparing everything since i'm having a party in my apartment but right now i just want to relax :)
I guess it will be fun, the party, 3 americans, 7 romanians, 1 spanish and this portuguese alien, lets see hat happens lol

Changing the subject... yesterday i realized that i'm beeing a little selfish, i can't think that i'm the only one who as problems, who as questions, who feels bad... others feel that way too and i should support more like i get support... i will, i want to, its a promise! Afterall life is about giving and getting :)

This alien as to get out of bed now! so c u soon on a next post... maybe tomorrow to tell about the party :)

over and out

segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2009

u get to choose the title...

I have so much to say about the last few days but at the same time i just dont know how to say it! i'm having a problem with comunication i guess! :P
There's one thing that i'm sure... i'll stop going to clubs here in Galati... Everytime people ask me to go because "this time u will really enjoy this club" but in the end i hate even more than the last one... its just no my type of club...
There are certain people around here that are ok but most of the times they dont seem to care about what i think... whatever... dont want to talk about it and dont want to think about it...
I'm also having some issues with my feelings... i dont know what i want... and when i think that i know i just get scared... :S and also is so strange... sometimes its like paradise and then suddenly its real life... oh well... i guess its just how life goes and i have just have to deal with it...
Oh Well life is beautifull... :) i just have to take what it gives to me and be thankfull :)

quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2009

one month!

So it has been one month! One month since I came to Romania!
Eventhough i had some bad moments (specially on my mind :S) i only have great things to remember.
I met this amazing girl, beautifull as well ;) lol, who become my best friend around here... i can't really imagine my life without her, i dont want to... Its good to have you around Roxana :)
I also changed from the university dorms to an apartment with a spanhish guy called Julian, a great friend since the day we met too.
Can't Forget also Traian and Dana from Couchsurfing(CS), amazing people! good friends!
David from France who i meet on a CS meeting too. And so many other characters that i've been meeting around :)
Oh cant forget about Cynthia, a friend of Roxana, doing volunteer work near Galati, Great person too.
I miss a lot my family and friends back in Portugal but with all this technology around i get to talk to them a lot :)

It feels good to be here! Can't wait until I go to Portugal obviously but I really think that when i get there I will miss Galati...

One month and counting...

segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2009

time to change!

Today a new week starts and with it I will start a new way of living. Enough with all the suffering, enough with all the pain! I have to start enjoying life and all the good stuff that comes with it otherwise I will end up crazy!
well thats all lol... i just had to write this :) maybe i will believe it when i read it :P lol

This alien is out ;)

domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

a real alien

Yesterday for the first time since i'm in Galati i really felt like a Portuguese Alien in Galati... I dont know what the hell is wrong with me... I dont seem to fit anywhere, eventhough everybody try to make me feel like part of the group i always find myself so far away on my mind... where?? i really dunno... i think i'm still trying to find myself and its so hard!! :(
I guess my biggest fear as rised... i promised myself i wouldnt fall in love just like this, specially because i'm afraid of falling in love and dont get feedback and now i think i'm in love and the other person doesnt feel the same...
How i wish live was more easy but its always so hard! I realize sometimes we have to suffer to achieve happiness but why do i have to suffer so many times??
Well... i guess i feel like shit again!
I wish i had courage to say this things face to face but somehow i cant... i cant and thats my biggest problem... i'm afraid of the consequences... too afraid...

quinta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2009

alone inside!

Today is sunny day, a bit cold but its alright... winter is coming so its ok...
But i feel already like in winter inside... In the last days i feel some emptyness, i'm sad... I feel like i'm missing something, i feel like i'm loosing a friendship. Yesterday i had a very bad day. I had to wake up really early to try to find my teacher at the faculty and i didnt... and everytime i go to see the erasmus coordinator he says something different... damn to the burocracy, damn to the people who seem to dont want to do anything at all.
For all that i was really pissed but i think there is something else... In the evening i went with Julian to meet some people at this party that we end up not going... instead we went to Retro to drink a beer. It was ok, they are nice, they try to cheer me up but i was having that feeling when ur surounded by many but u feel alone... I've been in GalATi for almost a month and its the first time that i feel this way. I hope i get better soon and i will!! I have to! This Portuguese alien came here to change afterall!!

terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

the weekend

This weekend i got to meet some more people from couchsurfing wich are living in Galati.
On saturday night me and Julian went to meet Roxana in Tiglina and then we went to hAzard to meet Traian and Dana wich were hosting David, a guy from france that is doing a roadtrip in the southern europe. We stayed there for a while drinking, talking bla bla bla :P then Roxana had to go home so i took her home and then i went to my apartment o meet the others to have dinner. We had a great time there :)
On sunday me and Julian meet Traian, Dana and David to go on the Danube. Traian asked his dad to cross the river on his boat :) it was fun :)
After all that fun i went to meet Roxana so we could go to the Galati couchsurfing meeting. I meet there some nice people the only problem was i didnt eat that much and with the beer and the wine i started to feel dizzy... so i ended up going home early lol
that's me :P

quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

what i learned so far

Yesterday I found myself thinking about the post Roxana made about me, specially in the last part when she said that I can be living my life in a bubble. I’ve always rely on other people to “survive”, I was never capable of doing anything without a little push from someone, somehow i always was afraid of the consequences. In the other hand i always encouraged people to follow their dreams, to don’t be afraid of the consequences...
This way of living made me become “unplugged” with the real world, it made me rely on other people so much!!! Yes it’s ok to rely on other people sometimes, I’m not “mister knows and can do everything”, but sometimes... most of the times... you have to know how to manage yourself.
I had to come this far from home to realize that! I found myself living on my own, ok my parents support me somehow but its only until i receive my scholarship, but even now i already had to start learning to survive on my own. It’s not like i take a bus and go cry to my mummys lap if anything go wrong. I just have to manage myself. I know that I can rely on Roxana for some stuff but she can’t always be there for me... There are no enough words in the world to say how much i’m thankfull to her! She knows it, and with simplicity i say: Thank you!
And now a more direct and personal message... I’m glad you finally realized that its Great to help other people but that you have to take care of yourself as well, I already told you that!! I like you the way you are, someday i’m going to put your name on the dictionary :P so please continue being you, always with good updates :D or else I’ll kick your ass!!! Ok i won’t... probably you will be the one kicking my ass but oh well... a man can dream from time to time :)

segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2009


Yesterday It was moving day :)
I woke up around 10 am very excited even knowing that we were only gonna move tou our new apartment on the afternoon lol
anyway i went online on msn and there was Roxana, she was at work and complaining she was hungry so i thought it would be nice to go meet her and buy her something to eat ;)
I've only been with her like 10 minutes because that was how much she could stay out of work.
So... I went back to the dormitory to meet Julian and go have our lunch.
We went to Corso... there we met our portuguese friends and we ended it up staying there for almost 2 hours... eating, talking :D.
Anyway... at 4 Roxana met us at the dormitory to help us move, the rest is bla bla bla lol we moved... after checking everything in the apartment we went to Real to buy some stuff for the house that we were going to need... like pillows, ashtrey, glasses, cups, etc etc. etc.
It was a very nice day :) i think... everyday here i have a new surprise :D

At night me and Julian went to the restaurant with his friend Violeta and her sister because it was Violeta's birthday... then we went to ca jou to meet our portuguese friends and we went to the S Club... I have to say i didnt have the best time because its not my kind of place... but oh well... we have to do some efforts for our friends... we cant always be whatever we want... that's just life...

well... i'm done with the updating now :)

sábado, 3 de outubro de 2009


Since yesterday i ended it up going to a drum'n'bass/dubstep party at X-Cave in Galati and since i managed to get myself drunk today i awake at 1 p.m. feeling dizzy, with a huge hangover... oh well... shit happens...
Me and Julian went to have lunch at 4pm(!!!), then we went to see the Cathedral.
Today is raining :( its not that i dont like the rain, actually rain calms me down, dunno why, but it does, well i guess summer is finally over and now the real responsability is starting.
Anyway after lunch i went to meet Roxana at Tiglina, as always she "shouted" at me because their parents didnt want her to get out and i made her wait for a while ( i guess now i am avenged lol sorry roxana) we went to a restaurant to have a drink and we had chocolate cake :) it turns out we are both addicted to chocolate :D
For the first time since i am here i took the bus... i really dont get it... no one seems to pay to ride on it... i didnt actually and no one that i saw gettin in did either... i guess, but, that will be another post someday ;)

Well thats pretty much it...

P.S. today i quit smoking!

sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

what a day...

Today my day started with some bad news! I called Roxana and she was admited to the Hospital :S
Me and Julian left the dormitory at 9 a.m. because we were supposed to go to the Real Estate Agency and sign the contract for our new apartment, but when we got there we got to know that thw owner was at work and we could only do the signing in the afternoon.
Afterwards we went to the hospital and pay a visit to Roxana.
In the afternoon i had to go to the university to see Cristin Mortu (lol) the erasmus responsable or something like that to give him my email address and phone number so he can get in touch and also to give him a picture so I can get my Student Card.
Afterwards we finally went to sign the contract for the apartment!! :D
Now we only have to wait until Sunday afternoon to get moved in.
Right now i'm very sleepy... it has been a hell of a week :S

That's it for now...
wait for further info :P

quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2009

update on what i am doing around here...

Today i was a dumbass! It doesn't matter why... but i really was.
TOday i was also looking for an apartment with my room mate(and now flatmate) Julian, a spanish guy who is here doing ERASMUS and kind of drop of here like me lol
I think we already decided to wich apartment we shall go...

That's it for today!