sábado, 3 de outubro de 2009


Since yesterday i ended it up going to a drum'n'bass/dubstep party at X-Cave in Galati and since i managed to get myself drunk today i awake at 1 p.m. feeling dizzy, with a huge hangover... oh well... shit happens...
Me and Julian went to have lunch at 4pm(!!!), then we went to see the Cathedral.
Today is raining :( its not that i dont like the rain, actually rain calms me down, dunno why, but it does, well i guess summer is finally over and now the real responsability is starting.
Anyway after lunch i went to meet Roxana at Tiglina, as always she "shouted" at me because their parents didnt want her to get out and i made her wait for a while ( i guess now i am avenged lol sorry roxana) we went to a restaurant to have a drink and we had chocolate cake :) it turns out we are both addicted to chocolate :D
For the first time since i am here i took the bus... i really dont get it... no one seems to pay to ride on it... i didnt actually and no one that i saw gettin in did either... i guess, but, that will be another post someday ;)

Well thats pretty much it...

P.S. today i quit smoking!

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