domingo, 15 de novembro de 2009

work, work, work

So... now i'm working on a presentation on traditional food from Portugal.
I was invited by Cynthia from Peace Corps to go to Mastacani because there will be a week in a school with presentatons about food, what's healthy, what kids eat on school, vitamins and some info about food around the world.
I have to say this is a challenge to me because i never did anything like it.
I also have to bring some traditional food to serve to around 90 people!!! :S well that is the biggest challenge! But I'm getting some help and i just hope everything works fine :)

Well tomorrow i will give do the presentation and we will see how it goes :)

over and out

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  1. U couldn't be any dryer..:)) u had some help..u did the presentation..sheeshh:)