sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009

Games day... i'm such a loser :P

So... Today it wasnt a very lucky day for me in games lol
After an all day staying at home not doing anything at all at the end of the afternoon i went with Julian, Roxana, Traian and Samuel(a french guy who is doing a trip around europe on his bike) to Casa de Cultura to play ping pong. Finally i found something that Roxana sucks at!! but that's another story, i will not make fun of her lol anyway i only won one game and it was against her so i got my revenge to all the bad things that she does to me :P
Afterwards we went to Seven, a pub near my apartment where first of all i found out that they have wi-fi, and when i think that back in the days i didnt have internet at home i went to hazard that is more far away and sometimes the internet didnt work :S, oh well...
Anyway, there we learned how to play a cards game called rentz it turns out that today is really not my day for games because i finished on the last position :) i really hate this game lol
I just hope its like a saying that we have in Portugal(maybe its a worldwide saying i dunno) Bad luck in gamble Good luck in love... it better be true otherwise i lost for nothing :P

Over and out

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