sábado, 21 de novembro de 2009

2 months

2 fucking months in romania! still alive!
2 months and still trying to figure out myself! sometimes i think i really got there... well i did... i learned so much! and looking the all picture i've changed so much! I dont tear apart like i used to and that's a start :) the "bubble is breaking" i'm not sure if its written this way but i dont care! lol
I've met so many interesting and nice people... some of them i think it will stay forever... i never thought i would have so many friends around here because usually i find it hard to make so many friends in so less time (again maybe its miswritten but i dont give a shit!!!! hehehehehe)
So... LAst week i participated in a project with a school in Mastacani and as soon as i can i will make a post about it with pics and next week i'll participate in GLobal Village! I've been keeping myself very busy so i can feel like i'm usefull.

Well that's it for now!

Galati will stay in my mind forever! Its almost my third hometown after Baião, my original one, and Bragança where i've been living for 6 years.

Over and out
ALien got a sleep :P

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