quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Open my eyes!

Today i found myself thinking(yes i do think and yes i'm talking to you :P) about how i always complained about my life, about everything works wrong for me but if i look at the all picture i've been a lucky bastard all my life! My parents always gave me everything that they could and sometimes things that they couldnt really afford to give me but somehow they manage it and ok since i was 16 they made me work on summer but now that i think about it, it was a way of giving me some responsability and some freedom because afterall if i get my own money i can buy what i want and at the same time i learn how to manage money... well on thtat second topic i have to admit i wasnt a very good student... and only now that i came to Romania i learned to be responsible with money because shit happens and if i dont have any spare money i will be screwed.
Anyway... i look around and i see people here, younger than me, that have to study and work. They study because they want to get a good job and they work because they really need to! And unlike me, an all life crying baby, they always have a smile on the face and they dont complain!
My staying here in Galati is being a great lesson for life! We can't take things for granted we have to work really hard to earn it!
I always had this feeling about a song like it was trying to say me something, that song is called Open your eyes by Guano Apes and now i get it.
Open your eyes MArco!

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