quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

what a great day!

So... today i had a very nice day :)
I woke up very early as i had to go meet Roxana so she could help me buy a Romanian sim card.
We met at 9 in her neighbourhood and we went o buy it.
Afterwards we meet some friends of her... first Cristi and Elena came and then Ionut. They were going to Gradina Botanica to hang around there for the all morning and they asked me if i wanted to go and so i did :)
They took some wine and some food and we spent the all morning hanging around in this beautifull garden drinking, eating, talking, etc etc etc. :) Cristin and Elena are very into wild and nature stuff. They got a couple sticks and we're cutting and shaping them to make spoons of it :) elena was also doing a sweater.
Crazy and very nice dudes! Always joking with each other, i felt like i was with my group of friends back in Portugal. Always teasing, always teaching something. I learned a lot about things that u can eat in nature to make the long story short i learned a lot :P
We also spent part of the time waiting for a couple, Ionut(another one) and Flori, who taked a long time to get there, after almost two hours waiting for them we had some food. We also played Tekken on Cristi's PSP :) it was very well spent time i tell u :D
At 1 p.m. Roxana, went away because she had to go to work and Ionut had to do something at the faculty. Ionut came back like 5 minutes later because he was missing some stuff that i dont recall so he decided to hang around with us.
After cleaning everything Cristi, Elena, Ionut, Ionut and Flori took me to the Aquarium and to see the Japanese Garden. They were very good hosts :) always explaining me about everything we were seeing and by making me feel confortable :)
They were asking all about me, why i was here, we discussed about Romanian Language, about the spanish, about the english... we were always discussing something it felt nice :)
We hanged around until 4 p.m. i guess and then they took me to the station so i could get a maxi-taxi and it was bye bye for all.
I must say that after a while of beeing with them i was also teasing them as i felt like part of the group. A very good sensation. I also felt very important as i had 7 romanian speaking english among eachother so i wouldnt feel apart :)
I really hope i can get plenty of moments like this while i stay here.

Thank you Roxana for making all this possible :) ur an angel!

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