domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009

An alien "hosted" by a human

It's been almost a week since i've land on Galati. I have to say that the days before i came were like hell to me! I already travelled abroad and most of the times alone but this time its a bit different! I always knew what to be expecting from the places i went but this time i came really far from home to this country that i knew almost nothing about, i dont speak the language... Oh well... after months listening to a friend of mine saying that i really should sign up to Couchsurfing because its a way to get to know people from around the world and a way to have a "friend" waiting for you in ur destination. So i finally signed up and made post at the Galati group saying that i was coming here. after a few days i got some replys and among them there was this girl giving me her msn adress and saying that she could help me get here and show me the city. I added her and he started talking... Afterwards we got to "meet" via skype.
So i ended up coming to Galati without her phone number. so in the day i was coming here i had my friend going online with my msn account to try to reach her and let her know i was arriving but it was impossible.
Whatever... I have to say i was a bit worried about meeting this girl that afterall i didnt knew. Anyway in the other day i went online and got to talk to her online and we arranged a meeting. She met me next to the faculty dormitory. I couldnt believe myself when i found myself beeing teased by her like my long time friends do :) all my fears vanished in that instant. We went to have a pizza and then she took me sightseeing. Honestly i thought... ok this is part of Couchsurfing means... she's beeing friendly and doing her "job". But then the next day she convinced me to go in adventure and meet her neighbourhood. And then the next day she made me go with her to where she works and when i realised myself we are the best friends in the world! :) I never thought that i would find here someone like me. We have the same interests, the same tastes, we both like South Park :) Its like looking to a personality mirror :)
I really have to say that sometimes i really hate that she can read me so well :P and yet it feels so good. Its almost like being home :)
So... i guess all I have to say is that i'm really glad that I came to Galati and "won" this new beautifull (inside and outside) friend!

I hope i didnt disappointed you in some way but if i did just know its not that i mean it


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  1. Just dropped by to say that sentence full of wisdom: "I told you so!..."

    I'm glad you're having a blast..keep it up..and fuckin' organize a dubstep party for us im Romania!!haha ;)