segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2009


Today i woke up at 7:00 am to go in one new adventure!
After awaking several times (the first time at 3:30 thinking that i was late :P)
At 7:30 my friend called me thinking that i would be sleeping but since i am so god damn good i was already up lol
So i took the maxi to tiglina to meet her and after a while waiting (i always have to wait for her :P)
she finally showed up and we went to buy some chips and juice for her friend Cynthia who we were meeting at Mastacani.
After two maxi and having the most amazing sightseeing :) we finally arrive to Mastacani.
We went to Cynthia's place to have some coffee, as we we're like zombie's :S and we had taco's.
So we finally went to this 2 schools to give diploma's to some students who participated in "Cursa extraordinara" Amazing Races for kids who was organized by Cynthia and Roxana with the help of "Inima e copil"
I must say i had the greatest time there :) Cynthia is this amazing friendly girl from the U.S. doing some volunteer work for Peace Corps.
It was a very nice walk until we got to the school :) I'm used to be in nature as I in Portugal live in the countryside so i felt like home :)
in the middle of the way we hitchhiked a carriage :) it was fun.
So... after some very good time spent at Mastacani we finally got back to Galati because Roxana had to go to work at 2 p.m.
I can't wait to go back there and i really want to go to other places around. It makes me feel so good... so close to the world and at the same time so farway :)
I took some pictures that i will post later.

when i got back to Galati i called Dan Scarpette to arrange a meeting to take care of my Erasmus situation.

That's it for today :) a very nice day btw :)

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