sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009


So... lol i got this habit to say so on the beggining of phrases... i wonder who i learned it from hehe

Anyway, like i wrote on my last post i took a maxi-taxi to meet Roxana at her neighbourhood.
When i got there i called her to let know i was already there and she came and meet me next to a restaurant called El Toro. She asked if i had any preference in what kind of bar we should go, a rock bar or whatever... we went to this very nice bar that i really dont know the name (i could as her the name since she's online now but i really dont want to lololol) and we talked and talked and talked... god she never shut's up (joking)... anyway, we talked about me beeing here in erasmus, she told me she was supposed to go to Portugal this year to do erasmus but she couldnt make it and about she wants to go to helsinki. We discussed about racism and how stupid it is to judge people for their race or beliefe's. Since we were n this metal bar i asked her if she knew about a portuguese metal band called Moonspell and she did and asked to the guy to put my favourite song from them... Alma Mater. I explained her then that the song is about the dictatorship we had in Portugal and the colonies in Africa.
Afterwards we went for a walk and she invited me to have a donut (wish i payed btw because i'm a real gentleman :D ) we sitted and talked a little bit more until it was time to get home.

Well i guess thats it for now...


P.S: its the first time in my life I write about what happens in my life and it really makes me feel good :)

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