quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2009

First impressions

So... this will be my journals while i stay in Galati, Romania.
After a hell of a trip from Portugal to Romania, almost 24 hours in the bus, plane, taxi, beeing "robbed" by a gipsy in Bucareste, i finally got to my new town... Galati!
I never though i would be capable of a journey like this, but yet i'm a bit crazy and i'm portuguese, adventure and travelling its in my blood :)
Im a so insane tht I came to Galati with no confirmation that i would have a place to stay, i had no one's phone number... nothing... Only half an hour before arriving i got to talk to the Erasmus Responsable and he managed to get me a room :)
I was so tired that i only "skyped" my parents to say i was ok and I went to sleep.
The Next Day when i woke up i got to talk with my CS Friend Roxana and we arranged a meeting.
Let me say she was the first good thing that happened to me here :) I guess i never met someone as helpfull as she. We went to this pizza place to have something to eat and have a coffee and it was like we were friends for ages. Afterwards she took me to do some sightseeing around the city. We went to this Ortodox Cathedral that made me feel so small... It was one of the most beautifull constructions i've ever seen. We went also to this park called Gradina Publica. Here happened the most amazing thing, this old lady came to us and started talking in romanian to us, i wasn't understanding anything she was saying and i was seeing Roxana laughting as hell and turning red. She told she was saying that we we're robbing each other heart, because people with brown eyes take away the heart or something like that, and she started asking me if i was in love with Roxana and if i wanted to marry her... it was funny :)
Then we went to see the Train station and a lake called Brates. While we were walking i was learning some words in Romanian :)
After a very well spent afternoon she took the maxi-taxi(i will talk about this amazing public transportation in another post) and i got back to the faculty's dormitory.
And this was my first day in Galati :) sponsored by Roxana Postolache lolololololol

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