quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009


So... another post, another story of this alien that landed in Galati :)
Yesterday after a all day doing absolutely nothing i've decided to follow Roxana's challenge of an "adventure"... go and meet her near where she lives! oh my god!!! :P
She told me that it would be very easy, and it was. The only thing that i had to do was to take an amazing public transportation called Maxi-Taxi. For those, like me, who dont know what that is just imagine something between a taxi and a bus. Basically its a van with 12 seats i guess with regular lines, you just get in, pay the driver 1 Lei and there you go.
But back to the story, i have this problem with the language and i had to go to this place called Tiglina 1 and i didnt know where the hell was it so i would have to ask the driver to let me know when we got there. Solution: i asked my friend Roxana how should i say to the driver in romanian that and i wrote down in a paper the following:
As vrea sa ma anuntati cand ajungem in Tiglina 1 pentru ca eu nu cunosc orasul Galati. Muctumesc.
Basically it says please let me know when we get to tiglinia because i don't know Galati that well. Thank you.
The funny part was when iwas going on the street i saw this maxi-taxi saying Tiglina 1 and i made him stop and sticked the piece of paper to the window like a maniac so the drivel could read it.
He was very kind and he took me there :)

Thats all for now... in the next post i will let you know how was it in Tiglina


P.S. here is a video i found so you can get an idea how is to ride in a maxi taxi

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