sábado, 26 de setembro de 2009

change my life!

Today i remembered what was one of the main reasons that made me come to Romania... change my life... change the way i act in my life...
And I realised that thanks to my good friend Roxana :)
I've also had problems about talking about relationships and that kind of stuff... i'm always "what if..." and has i was playing this game "tell me one thing and i will say if ur bullshitting me" with my friend she kinda tricked me sayin she wants to be with me. I was all "ur bullshitting me" and she really made me think she was beeing totally honest (still thinking about it ;) ) i got worried sick! Not because i'm in love with her but just because i find it very hard to deal with this kind of subject.
We ended it laughing and we're ok but it made me think that i really have to stop beeing like i am, in this kind of situation.
I really dont know what to say lol.
It is beeing great my life here... specially because of you (yes you :P )
I really love you! mostly because i know i will not be misunderstood for saying this

That's it for know.
Tomorrow another day will come and hopefully an even greater day.

Carpe diem ;)

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