domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009

my day!

So... my day was pretty quiet. I spent part of the afternoon speaking to Roxana on msn until 9:30 pm, as she was at work.
We talked a lot about things that is to stay only between me and her :P u curious bastards!!! lol
Anyway... she asked me if i would meet her next to her job to walk her home and so i did.
What happened after that i really dont know what to think about...
We know each other personally for a week now and everyday we seem to get closer. We dont seem to have any problems holding each other's hand and hug. I'm really afraid of mess everything and loose a great friendship and yet i'm also afraid to pass by something greater. I guess only time will tell. I believe that this kind of things shouldnt be rushed and yet i really dunno if there is something to be rushed :S aahhh the curse of beeing me. Oh someone please slap and tell me to awake for life!!!

uffff.... that's pretty much it
I feel a little better now that i wrote it and i wish i feel a lot better once i hit the button to post it...
So... 3,2,1

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