domingo, 28 de março de 2010

6 months!!!!!!

So.... here I am! 6 months after!!!!
LAst weekend I went to Iasi... What to say... great city... plenty of places to spend money :P and so so so so different from Galati.
I loved it! On saturday I went to Ciric a forest near by Iasi. Nice place :) I hope i return there soon eventhough the train trip takes like forever :P
I got to meet a friend of Dana... Anda... great girl :) funny and knows how to have fun... she was a good tour guide in Iasi.
last wednesday was Dana's birthday and folk night and at the middle of the night i realized it was exactly 6 monts since i was in Romania... so i got really drunk heheheheheheheh

Anyway... Im starting to realize some things here that are blowing my mind and that makes me sad... i hate that sometimes i just cant be myself here... and that is sad... but i'll survive.
Whats important is that i am having great times here :)

over and out

P.s: this posts are becoming lame but i guess the main ideas are being passed :P

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