quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010

doubts, denials, and good marks

Here i am again!
I never thought to feel this cold... everytime i go outside i freeze and yesterday i slipped and fell on the ice twice :P
Anyway... Lately i've been thinking... whats love afterall? Is it just the need to be with a certain person, is it the need to feel that someone cares? As i get older i seem to know less about the subject. Right now I dont know anymore what are my feelings... There's someone who really make me feel different just if i hear her name. But, in the last few days i guess i started to go on denial and I'm guess I'm trying to convince myself that I dont want to have something with her... oh the doubts, the denial... life seems to be so simple but i always find a way to make it complicated...
Oh well... maybe its just because i'm focusing too much on my exams... after all 'til now i only have in my mind that and the reward is that i only have good marks :) but like my parents would say... its my job :P

Oh well... thats all for now.

Over and out

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