quarta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2009

Alien again

Wow... this 2 weeks in Portugal passed so fast :S
I didnt manage to see half the ppl i wanted and with the one's i have been i had always to go here and there because it seems that some things never change... but at the same time lots of things changed... People i was expecting to be very happy to see me again acted almost like they didnt care and some people that i wasnt expecting actually missed me... its sad seeing that my group of friends is splitting :( at least there is a core that stick together.
Anyway... Now I'm an Alien again... On the flight back i met a portuguese guy that is also Erasmus in Romania, in Iasi, and i found out that there are about 20 portuguese students there.
We arrived in Bucaresti at 7 am and since that portuguese guy only had a train at 12 i decided to stay with him because apparently there was a train to Galati at 12:30. Great thing! when we went to buy the tickets i found that i only had one at 2 pm... anyway, on the train i met this lady, over 35 i guess, that started to chat with me... in Romanian... it was kind of funny, at the beggining i understood what she was saying but after a while it started to be very hard, i was so tired, not to mention the fact that i suck at romanian lol... at a certain point i thinked about telling her that i wasnt romanian but i guess she figured it that out because she corrected me at a certain point.
Oh well... Now i'm back in Galati. I had a nice welcome back... I have to admit that i missed this :)
Soon i'll post pictures from my holidays in Portugal.

Over and out

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